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Spring 2007

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Introduction and Overview of the International Conference MIBES 2006

George Blanas

The Evolution and the Prospects of Contemporary Financial Instruments in Greece: The Case of SWAPS

Olympia Agorasti, George Blanas, Pavlos Golemis

A Fuzzy Growth Options Approach under Competition Threat

Georgios Angelou, Anastasio Economides

Economic Spread and Market Value: The Case of Listed Companies in Greece

Panayiotis Artikis

Global Business Research and Strategic Planning Tools

Basil Janavaras, Emanuel Gomes

Real Option Methodology for the Evaluation of IT Projects

Efthymios Papadopoulos, Georgios Dounias

The Application of Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis in the Athens Derivatives Exchange (ADEX)

Nikolaos Pavlou, George Blanas, Pavlos Golemis

Productivity and Spatial Diffusion of Technology in Greece: An Empirical Analysis

Serafeim Polyzos, Dionyssis Minetos, Labros Sdrolias

Determinants of the Growth Slowdown in Greece during the Previous Growth Cycle

George Sfakianakis

Growing and Developing Old Economy Firms

Anne Smith, Bryan Temple

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