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Journal of
International Business and

Published Jointly by


Institute for Industrial Policy Studies (IPS), Korea 

Business School, Beijing Normal University, China

The Journal of International Business and Economy (JIBE) (ISSN: 1527-8603) seeks to publish high-quality research with questions, evidence and conclusions that are relevant to business, trade and commerce, and economics for scholars of all disciplines, particularly with a global perspective. We receive manuscripts with a diverse mix of topics, framings, and methods, and our acceptances reflect this diversity.


More specifically, JIBE seeks to publish papers that ask and help to answer important and interesting questions in international business and economy, develop and/or test theory, improve on prior studies, explore interesting phenomena, review and synthesize existing research, and evaluate many methodologies used in this field. The mission of JIBE is to publish research that tests, extends, or builds business and economic theory and contributes to management practice.

JIBE welcomes a diverse range of research methods and is open to papers that rely on various angles and perspectives including case studies, statistical inference, qualitative data, verbal theory, computational models, mathematical models, or mixed methods.

Editorial Board


Hwy-Chang Moon, Ph.D. 

President, aSSIST University

Professor Emeritus, Seoul National University


Patrick Messerlin, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus,

Sciences Po Paris


Jimmyn Parc, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor,

University of Malaya


Wenyan Yin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, aSSIST University


Stephen Ranger

Jasmin Hong


Hongbo Cai               

    Beijing Normal University


Lingyan Cao (         

    University of Maryland

Tailan Chi (                  

    University of Kansas

Dong-Sung Cho (

    Seoul National University

J. Jay Choi (   

    Temple University

Cheng-Min Chuang (
    National Taiwan University


Lorraine Eden (

    Texas A&M University

Byoung-Ho Jin (                

    The University of North Carolina


Vaneet Kaur (                

    Kent State University

Erdener Kaynak (       

    The Pennsylvania State University

Suk H. Kim (

    University of Detroit Mercy

Jung-Ho Kim (          

    Korea University

Maasaki Kotabe (

    Temple University


Jiatao Li (                    

    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Sang Hoon Nam (      

    University of Victoria

Stephen J. Nicholas (   

    Newcastle Business School

Yongsun Paik (     

    Loyola Marymount University 

Young-Ryeol Park (     

    Yonsei University

Paul Robertson (     
    University of Canberra


Thomas W. Roehl (

    Western Washington University

Mariko Sakakibara  (   
    University of California, Los Angeles

Kelly Strong (            
    Colorado State University


Steven Tippins (   
    University of Wisconsin-La Crosse,


Adrian Tschoegl (     

    University of Pennsylvania

Jorge A.V. Saldanha (

    Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro

Sangcheol Song (       

    Saint Joseph's University

Feihu Zheng           

    Beijing Normal University


Jay S. Kang

The College of Business, San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Ave. San Francisco, CA 94132, USA 

Tel. (415) 338-1754,6362/Fax. (415) 338-0596

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