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Global Business Research and Strategic Planning Tools

Basil Janavaras, Emanuel Gomes


The web-based tools discussed in this paper support students and business practitioners alike in their roles as managers and decision makers in a global setting. More specifically, the software will enable users to perform a situation analysis of a company, determine best markets for a company’s products/services and develop an international business plan online. Project-Based Learning (PBL) is a teaching and learning method widely used at universities and businesses around the world. The three software - the Global Market Potential System Online (, the Global Marketing Management System Online (GMMSO, and the Export Import Management System Online (EIMSO), - are web-based PBL tools designed to be used for international business projects. The purpose of this paper is to briefly explain PBL, show how the software work, the benefits provided to both students and instructors using the software and discuss both pedagogical issues and student reactions based on a survey questionnaire.


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