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Fall 2004

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Making Investment Choices: Japanese MNEs Investing in Australia and the Region

Elizabeth Maitland, Stephen Nicholas, Economics Research Centre, William Purcell

Foreign Capital Flows to Emerging Markets: a Test of Policy Arbitrage

Anand ShettyJohn Manley

MNCs' Propensities to Reevaluate and Change Foreign Modes of Operations during a Financial Crisis

Talin Eshaghoff, Tao Gao

Performance Evaluation Criteria for International Joint Venture

Kirti Jain, Sudhir Jain

The Stochastic Character of Japanese Exchange Rates

Nikiforos Laopodis

An Exploratory Examination of Casual Models for Telecommunication Technologies, Organizational Structural Attributes and Organizational Performance in the U.S. Manufacturing Sector

Choong Lee

A Formal Modeling of the Imbalance Theory to Explain Two Directions of Foreign Direct Investment

Hwy-Chang Moon

U.S. Business and Global Treaties: Lobbying as It Effects Multilateral Agreement

Gerald Cavanagh

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