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Fall 2003

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The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in Upgrading China's Competitiveness

John Dunning

The Eclectic Paradigm: A New Deal?

Kurt Pedersen

Foreign Direct Investment and Industry Characteristics:Evidence from Chinese Industries

Xiaohui Liu

The Low Cost, Differentiation, and Focus/niche Strategies of American, Japanese, and British Companies Operation in the United States: A Comparative Study

Abhay Shah, Charles Zeis, Hailu Regassa, Ahmad Ahmadian

The Interaction Effect of Diversification Strategy, Entry Mode, and Implementation Mechanism on Corporate Performance: The Korea Case

Ki-Sung Park

International Business Activity and Firm Value: The Impact of Ownership and Capital Structure

Steen Thomsen

Modeling Country-Specific Risks in Foreign investment Using an Expert-Driven System

Aboubaker Seddik Meziani

Inhibitors and Enhancers: The Role of Internal and External Stakeholders in the Transition Process

Ben Kedia, Clay Dibrell, Paula Harveston

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