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Fall 2006

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FDI, Globalisation and Development: Some Implications for Korean Firms and Korean Policy Makers

John Dunning

The Impact of Business-Government Relationship on Location Choice by Korean Firms in China: A Comparative Case Study

Sung Yue Wang

A Study of Resource Competitiveness in High Technology Firms

Yanni Yan, Daniel Ding, Choo Shin Tseng

Cultural Change in the United States, Canada and Mexico

Steve Jenner, Brent MacNab, Richard Brislin, Reg Worthley,

An Empirical Assessment of CAPM, Market Model and APT: Evidence from the Greek Stock Market

Petros Messis, George Emmanuel Iatridis, George Blanas

Inequality in Globalization: An Extension of the Gini Index from the Perspective of National Competitiveness

Min-young Kim

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