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Fall 2005

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Economic Integration and Manufacturing Location in EU Accession Countries

Simonetta Longhi, Peter Nijkamp, Iulia Traistaru

The Dynamic Relationship between FDI and Wages: Evidence from the People's Republic of China

Bala Ramasamy, Matthew Yeung

CEO Competitiveness: CEO Type vs. Economic Development of Nations

Irene Il-Yun Suh, Dong-Sung Cho, Kwang-Soo Yi

A Comparison of the Financial Characteristics of U.S., U.K., German, and French Manufacturing Firms

Ilhan Meric, Larry Prober, Joe Kim, Gulser Meric,

Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Less Developed Countries: A Factor Analysis Approach

Cranmer Rutihinda

Determinants of Corporate Restructuring in Korea after the 1997 Economic Crisis: An Empirical Investigation

Chinmay Pattnaik

Evaluating a Joint Venture: NUMMI at Age 20

Edwin Duerr, Mitsuko Duerr, Gerardo Ungson, Yim-Yu Wong,

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