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CEO Competitiveness: CEO Type vs. Economic Development of Nations

Irene Il-Yun Suh, Dong-Sung Cho, Kwang-Soo Yi


This study reconsiders CEO (Chief Executive Officer) types by country in terms of competitiveness and also inquires CEO types and levels on each country group under categories regarding economic development stages, namely, Subject Dependent (SD), Environment Dependent (ED), Resource Dependent (RD), Mechanism Dependent (MD) and Creative Destruction (CD). To form variables for CEO types, s, e, r, M factors were utilized for competitive factors in the ?숹ine-factor??model, and the variables needed for the development stages in CEO types were formulated with these s, e, r, and M factors. Most of previous studies regarding the categorization of CEO types used qualitative methods, with their types being categorized under subjective standards. By contrast, this study is unique in the sense that it covers the overall CEO competitiveness of each country which inquires the demanded issues for CEOs reflected in each development stage, and thus, enlightens us on the efforts needed for the future.


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