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Fall 2009

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International Corporate Capital Structure: Dynamics and Determinants

NyoNyo Kyaw

Multinational Corporations' Role in Improving Labour Standards in Developing Countries

Nazia Habib-Mint

International Business by SMEs: Empirical Findings from New Zealand

Ilan Alon, Leo-Paul Dana, Anna Jenkins

The Great Recession, Global Conditions from West to East and Back Again: A Forward Looking Commentary

Darryl Mitry, David Smith

Modern 3PL Services in China: The Role of Trust

Paul Ghijsen, Janjaap Semeijn, Amy Wang

Trade Blocks and the Gravity Model: Evidence from Western Hemispheric Countries

E.M. Ekanayake, Amit Mukherjee, Bala Veeramacheneni

Exploring the Characteristics of the Founder and CEO Succession as Causes of Corporate Longevity: Findings from Korean Long-Lived Companies

Dong-Sung Cho, Se-Yeon Ahn

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