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Fall 2002

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The Geography of Foreign Direct Investment: A Tripartite Framework

Douglas van den Berghe, Rob van Tulder

Resource Flows within Multinational Corporations: Implications for Subsidiary Strategy

Jiatao LiTrond Randøy, Trond Randøy

Foreign Direct Investment by Korean Firms: Profile, Theory, and Implementation

Sang Hoon Nam, Tim Craig

Government Privatization Strategies in Emerging Economies: Whether to Go or All of the Way

Jonathan Doh, Hildy Teegen

Property Rights in Common, from Communes to Town and Village Enterprises in Rural China

Malcolm Cone, Zhilong Tian, André Everett

Level of Control, Staffing Policy, and Training Needs for Overseas Units of Multinational Corporations: An Integrative Approach

Hoon Park, Youngsun Paik, Cristina Suarez Duffy

Economic Reform in the Peoples Republic of China: Resuscitation or Transformation

Richard Fey, Alan Zimmerman

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