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Work-Life Balance of Women in Higher Education Sector: An Assessment of Their Organizational Support

Mufeed Ahmad, Ambreen Wani


Despite the vast research on human resources, little is known about the perspective of perceived organizational support in helping women faculty in professional education to strike the desirable balance between their work and non-work activities. This paper studies the role of Organizational Support in relation to Work-Life Balance of working women. India in general and Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) in particular, shows paucity of research conducted in this area. Therefore, this paper empirically examines the influence of these three dimensions on the Work-Life Balance of women faculty at college and university level in Kashmir. The results of the study indicated that all the factors were significantly related to a woman’s Work-Life Balance. This means that modern organizations should frame robust organizational policies aimed at supporting and enhancing career development of women professionals at work.


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