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The Relationship between Corporate Profile, Strategy, and Performance in International Markets

Flavia Luciane, Scherer Clandia, Maffini Gomes, Isak Kruglianskas,


One of the core issues of strategy revolves around the relation between strategy and performance. Research studies analyze whether different performances are associated with different strategic attitudes. Given the importance of this issue, the objective of this paper is to describe and analyze the relation between the corporate profile, the adopted strategy and the performance in international markets of firms in the leather and footwear industry from the State of Rio Grande do Sul. The analysis of the corporate profile identified mature, medium-sized and big firms that engage in planning to guide their actions and that are concerned about monitoring changes in the environment with which they work. In regard to the relation between the corporate profile, the adopted strategy and international performance, an analysis of the correlation showed that the main variables that characterize the specific group are the strategic profile, planning, and monitoring of the business environment. It was found that firms with a high Gross Operating Income engage in planning activities on a less consistent basis, do not monitor their business environment and adopt a defensive strategic attitude.


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