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Relationship between Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality in Private Banks of India

Shubhangi Mishra and Bharati Jadhav


This study attempts to analyze the extent of service quality and customer loyalty in private banks. For any bank to grow and develop sustainably, they need to ensure their customer’s satisfaction in which service quality plays a decisive role. Satisfied customers, similarly, provoke customer’s loyalty towards their banks that can then enhance the profitability of Banks. With the help of the SERVQUAL Model, the study also traces various factors considered when measuring customer satisfaction. The primary data were collected with the help of a standardized questionnaire on the said topic, which conveniently collected a sample of 200 respondents accessing private banking services in different cities of India. The collected data are analyzed with the statistical tools of Factor Analysis, Reliability, and Validity tests with the help of SPSS.


Digital banking, Service quality, Responsiveness, Customer satisfaction, Customer loyalty

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