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Fiscal Deficit and Inflation: What Causes What? The Case of India

Aviral Kumar Tiwari, A. P. Tiwari, Bharti Pandey


This study has made an attempt to examine the direction of causality among the fiscal deficit, government expenditure, money supply, and inflation. In the present study we have employed Dolado and L체tkepohl (DL) (1996) and standard Granger-causality approach to examine the direction of the causality among the test variables. However, we have found conflicting results for India. Causality analysis based on DL approach suggests that both government expenditure and money supply Granger-cause fiscal deficit while standard Granger-causality test indicates that only government expenditure Granger-cause fiscal deficit. And money supply Granger-cause government expenditure and fiscal deficit Granger-cause money supply.


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