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Manjunatha N


The practice of exports by the companies in India leads to generating foreign exchange, builds international relations and reputation for both countries as well as the firm irrespective of the type of industry. Particularly the intensity of competition is a bit more among manufacturing companies in export orientation. The success of any business entity in the international market is dependent on the level of seriousness with respect to the intensity of export orientation and technological capabilities. The primary objective of conducting this research is to understand the relationship of variables such as export orientation and technological capabilities of the firm with the export performance of auto component manufactures in south India. Pertinent variables are used to test the hypothesis with the help of linear regression analysis. It is also understood that it is a firm’s ability of export orientation and technological capabilities have an influential impact on auto component manufacturing companies’ export performance in south India. The significant contribution of the study helps South Indian Auto component manufacturers to formulate better export strategies to capture market share and export revenue.


Export orientation, Technological capabilities, Auto components, Export performance

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