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Analyzing the Reasons for the Global Popularity of BTS: A New Approach from a Business Perspective

Jimmyn Parc, Yeogeun Kim


This paper analyzes the reasons for the global popularity of the Korean boy band BTS that has been at the center of the growing popularity of Korean pop music or K-pop. To address this issue more comprehensively, this paper utilizes a framework derived from a business approach which has been so far little attempted. In contrast from existing studies that focus on fandom and its activities, this paper argues that instead of egocentric strategies, sophisticated consumer-oriented strategies by utilizing internationalization and digitization are the key to its global popularity, which have helped BTS and their managing company Big Hit Entertainment to overcome all the disadvantages they faced before while reinforcing exiting advantages and creating new ones. By doing so, BTS has gained their global success and become Korea’s top boy band.


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