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Fall 2001

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My Contributions to Internalization Theory

Alan Rugman

Japanese Firm Response to Changing Regulations: A Dynamic Strategic Group Analysis

Sabine Reddy, Devanathan Sudharshan, Thomas Roehl

Asian Economic Crisis, Foreign Direct Investment and Stabilized Economic Growth: Crisis Revisited and Implications for APEC Member Ecomomies

Hwy-Chang Moon, Taeho Bark

Occupational Knowledge Utilities in International Business and Economics

Opie Dawson, Jay Kang

Resurgence of Ethnocentrism and its Implications for International Marketing: A Model and Propositions

Farid Sadrieh, Madan Annavarjula

Internationalization Strategies of Medium-Sized German Companies: An Empirical Survey

Michael BehnamDirk Ulrich Gilbert

Rethinking the Asian Financial Crisis Through the Capital Account Crisis Paradigm

Yeomin Yoon, Robert McGee

Creating Culture of Innovative Entrepreneurship

Günter Faltin

Strategic Interest Analysis for the Organization of the Future

A.S. (Jim) Sethi